Make free phone calls on your iPhone using FaceTime App

When we mention the name of the app FaceTime, we instantly relate it to video calling. After all, video calling is the feature this app is best known for. There is no denying that FaceTime offers some really cool features and makes video calling an extremely comfortable and amazing experience. You can talk to your friends and family face to face no matter which part of the world they are at. What’s more awesome is the fact that the video calling is absolutely free. FaceTime doesn’t charge for your video calling. Only the data charges may apply according to your internet plan.

But, you do you know that FaceTime also has the audio-call feature? Yes, it is true. FaceTime is an app exclusive to iOS and OSX devices. This means that you can now make audio calls even from your iPod without paying for the voice minutes.


What is FaceTime Audio?

FaceTime Audio is the feature that allows you to make the audio calls over the internet using the app. You could use Wi-Fi or mobile internet for this purpose. If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac computer or any compatible Apple device you will be able to make free voice calls all over the world using this feature of the app.

Audio calling over the internet is not a new thing. VoIP or voice over internet protocol has been around for a very long time. Skype was one of the earlier programs to adopt this technology. But what makes FaceTime audio really cool is the fact that it has been developed by Apple.

 facetime audio

All you need to do to get started is download this app on one of the supported devices and start making video calls to your family and friends worldwide. FaceTime will use your phonebook to connect to the contacts. However, you can also use the email address to connect to the users.

Why FaceTime Audio?

FaceTime audio allows you to make voice calls free of cost worldwide. You can save considerable amount of money by using FaceTime audio, especially if you need to make lots of international calls. Also, FaceTime offers crystal clear, HD grade voice quality.

 If you are looking for Facetime alternatives for Android, then you must try Google Duo.