Facetime v/s kik messenger- Which App is Better

Facetime is an internet using video calling application that can be downloaded, installed and used fro virtually nothing. It has a high quality audio and HD quality video that gives you a wonderful experience. Facetime basically is the more advanced version of Skype and even similar to Google hangouts. It can be used on almost any os, although it is primarily made for apple. If you are looking for contacting your friend on another iPhone, then you need to open FaceTime and enter his/her contact number to call her and enjoy video chat. And if recipient is on iPod, Mac or iPad then you need to enter the recipient’s email ID and can start calling.


All you need here is an apple ID and fast internet connection, preferably wifi.It also let you block FaceTime calls; if you are not in good mood to talk.

Kik messenger is a service that lets you connect with friends, groups and the world via chatting, it’s more or less like whatsapp.

A comparison between the two…

Why KiK Messenger is better?

  • You can add or accept contacts before they are able to message you
  • It has a much smaller app size
  • It has temporary images
  • Has a message seen notification feature.
  • Can be personalized.
  • You can send music files, and other files
  • It shows a preview of shared images in the form of a thumbnail
  • Can be exported to email
  • Has a browser in built
  • Can be easily used on android devices
  • Can capture photos
  • Can delete message history
  • Can be used on windows phones easily
  • Has in app purchase

Download Kik For Android


Why is Facetime better?

  • Has end to end encryption, I.e. Much better security of the intended communication.
  • Syncs to cloud and can therefore be accessed on different devices, and stays backed up.
  • It is optimized for tablet use. So it gives you better picture and experience still.
  • Has two way video chat, the main reason really! It allows you to look at the person live when you chat with them.
  • Automatically adds the existing contacts to the app from the phone book.
  • Supports a lot more languages.
  • Has the option to label your favorite contacts for easier access
  • Two points of view are supported, i.e you can show your face with the front camera and the rest of the club or whatever place you in with the back camera,


Download Facetime For MAC

In conclusion despite all the plus points that the kik messenger has to offer, in the end facetime is much better an app to use. The fact that you can see the person you talk with makes the entire conversation more intimate and brings you closer together. It’s a wonderful app with which to connect with friends and family that are far away, and it is a great app with which to conduct business meetings as well. Despite the slightly larger size of facetime it can still be easily considered the go to app for social networking. Though this wonderful app is not available for Android devices or for Windows computer but still we have lots of similar alternative apps for Facetime for PC or Android phones. In our next update we will discuss in brief about the top alternatives of Facetime for Windows.