Best dating sites and apps for Gay in 2017

If you want to know about some of the best sites and apps for Gay in 2017, you are at the right place. It is hard to find the best dating site for Gays, here we will provide you with some of the most used dating sites and applications for Gay in 2017.

  1. Zoosk

This application can be used by a variety of people. As of now, this application has 40,000,000 users and according to some sources, around 3 million messages are exchanged everyday. Before starting this application, you will have to integrate it with your social media account. In order to find out the right match for you, you will have complete a quick survey that will not take much of your time. With the help of the Zip code, this application helps you to find out the like- minded people around you. This application is not free, however, you can start with a trial in order to be sure of what this application has for you. This application can be used by Android, Ios and desktop users.

  1. Elite Singles

This application has been termed as one of the best application for gays who want to get into a serious relationship. This is because most of the users of Elite Singles are bachelors’ which means that they are looking for a serious relationship. The application is user- friendly in nature and quite better than Grindr for PC. After that, you will also have to fill a questionnaire on the basis of which the application will find your right match. This application also allows you to sort people in different categories like that of drinking, religion, height, age, smoking, education and many more.

  1. Hinge

This application started its journey in the year 2016. This application was in news as it was compared to Tinder initially. In order to start using this application, you will have to link it with your social media account. This application has one drawback and that is it shares your personal bio on Facebook with others, the logic of the makers of the application for doing this is that they want you to meet in real life. Another drawback of the application is that it will show you mutual friends, this feature has received negative feedback by some of the users as they believe that it is a threat to their privacy. This application is free of cost and is available for both Android and Ios users.

Apps Like Periscope for Live Streaming

Live streaming is becoming quite a trend these days. You may have seen some of your friends live streaming their videos while on a vacation or while having a party. Many news channels, celebrities, and famous people also sometimes live stream the videos. We usually see this on Facebook. But, there is a special app for it called Periscope which lets you broadcast your video live any time you want to over the internet. This app has been designed by Twitter. If you are wondering whether there are other apps like periscope, let’s take a look at this list.

Facebook Live

As mentioned above, a lot of people are using Facebook to live stream the videos. Whether you have a personal profile or a Facebook page, you can live stream the video at any time you want. You can also get instant response from people in the form of the likes and comments. This helps you determine how your video is going. Your friends and followers get a notification whenever you are live. This app is totally free of cost.


If you don’t want to use Periscope on windows pc, you can use another alternative called Streamup. It is a great way to live stream the videos that can also be made interactive. Streamup also offers you may options to enhance your live video. For instance, there are filters, overlays, and special effects that can be added to the videos. Streamup also has a revenue system which lets you earn from your live streams. Again, the app is totally free of cost.


If you don’t want your broadcast to be limited to your Facebook friends or a bunch of people, you would like to use Livestream. It is a live video streaming platform that offers you the opportunity to broadcast your video to millions worldwide. You could use your iOS device to broadcast to the people on a number of social media websites including Twitter, Facebook, and of course Livestream. It also has an integrated chat feature that lets you interact with the viewers. This incredible live streaming app is available for $42 per month.

Make free phone calls on your iPhone using FaceTime App

When we mention the name of the app FaceTime, we instantly relate it to video calling. After all, video calling is the feature this app is best known for. There is no denying that FaceTime offers some really cool features and makes video calling an extremely comfortable and amazing experience. You can talk to your friends and family face to face no matter which part of the world they are at. What’s more awesome is the fact that the video calling is absolutely free. FaceTime doesn’t charge for your video calling. Only the data charges may apply according to your internet plan.

But, you do you know that FaceTime also has the audio-call feature? Yes, it is true. FaceTime is an app exclusive to iOS and OSX devices. This means that you can now make audio calls even from your iPod without paying for the voice minutes.


What is FaceTime Audio?

FaceTime Audio is the feature that allows you to make the audio calls over the internet using the app. You could use Wi-Fi or mobile internet for this purpose. If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac computer or any compatible Apple device you will be able to make free voice calls all over the world using this feature of the app.

Audio calling over the internet is not a new thing. VoIP or voice over internet protocol has been around for a very long time. Skype was one of the earlier programs to adopt this technology. But what makes FaceTime audio really cool is the fact that it has been developed by Apple.

 facetime audio

All you need to do to get started is download this app on one of the supported devices and start making video calls to your family and friends worldwide. FaceTime will use your phonebook to connect to the contacts. However, you can also use the email address to connect to the users.

Why FaceTime Audio?

FaceTime audio allows you to make voice calls free of cost worldwide. You can save considerable amount of money by using FaceTime audio, especially if you need to make lots of international calls. Also, FaceTime offers crystal clear, HD grade voice quality.

 If you are looking for Facetime alternatives for Android, then you must try Google Duo.

iMessage : The Best Way to Send Messages

Instant messaging has been constantly popular all over the World. iMessage is one such app which is popular among all messaging services. Many people who don’t even own an iOS device want to use iMessage, it seems that everyone agrees that Apple’s iMessaging service is beyond amazing. However, many find difficulty installing this App on the PC. There are few workable methods that allows to you install iMessage on PC/ laptops very easily.


iMessage For Windows PC

Majority of Apps are not designed to be used cross platform. Fortunately, techies always come up with hacks that can be used to access such Apps on either platform. You can download iMessage using a very simple trick on your PC with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems.

Below are the steps you need to follow in order to use iMessage on your Windows computer/laptops:

  • First and foremost thing you have to do is visit to download and install the iPadian program on your computer. This is an iOS emulator that creates iOS environment and helps you to get access to the iOS apps.
  • After you have successfully installed the application on your PC, you need to launch it. You will easily find a dock at the bottom of your PC screen just like Mac computers.
  • Go to the search box and search for ‘iMessage’.
  • As you find the App, click to install it.
  • Lastly you need to go to the iPadian to locate the App. Open the app and enjoy iMessage service right on your Windows computer.

iMessage App Features

iMessage has a very simple and user-friendly interface like every other Apple App. It is a very popular app all over the world which has given a very tough competition to WhatsApp.

This app allows you to share text messages, pictures, videos, images, and other documents to the other users, while you are in conversation. It does not include video calling feature, however, you can use the FaceTime video calling right from this app. You would need a good data connection you to get the maximum benefit from iMessage.

Shareit: Intro, features, How to install Guide

Over the years, SHAREit by Lenovo has proven to be the most useful file sharing app. It is the most popular app in this category and millions of people have already downloaded it. As you may know, to share the files between two devices using any such app, both the devices must have the same app.

So, if you have Zapya and other person has SHAREit you will not be able to transfer the files. Since most of the people have SHAREit it makes all the more sense to download it on your phone. You never know when you may need to send or receive files.


Features of SHAREit

SHAREit is the most popular file sharing today and not without reasons. It comes packed with wealth of features that make it an extremely popular application of today. Here are some of its incredible features:

  • It is a cross platform application. This means that weather you are the user of Android, iOS, or any Windows phone, you can share the files among various devices.
  • It is one of the first such apps that were extended for use on the PCs as well. The computers that have the Wi-Fi adapter can use this application quite easily. So, you can share files between computers or between a computer and a smartphone very easily. All the laptops and most of the desktops today come with integrated Wi-Fi adapter.
  • Since the connection can be established directly between the two devices, the transfer becomes exceedingly easy. Thus, it makes our lives more convenient.
  • The best thing about this marvellous app is that it is very fast. If you would compare it to Bluetooth its speed can be as fast as 100 times more.
  • It can share all types of files, big or small. You can share your favourite movies, songs, document files, and so much more.
  • All of this comes for no price at all. Yes! SHAREit is absolutely free.

How to Download and Install

Since SHAREit is available to all mobile platforms therefore downloading and installing is very straightforward. For mobile phones, go to the respective app store (such as Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS devices) and download it directly from there.

For PC you can visit the following link to download and install the app:

Facetime v/s kik messenger- Which App is Better

Facetime is an internet using video calling application that can be downloaded, installed and used fro virtually nothing. It has a high quality audio and HD quality video that gives you a wonderful experience. Facetime basically is the more advanced version of Skype and even similar to Google hangouts. It can be used on almost any os, although it is primarily made for apple. If you are looking for contacting your friend on another iPhone, then you need to open FaceTime and enter his/her contact number to call her and enjoy video chat. And if recipient is on iPod, Mac or iPad then you need to enter the recipient’s email ID and can start calling.


All you need here is an apple ID and fast internet connection, preferably wifi.It also let you block FaceTime calls; if you are not in good mood to talk.

Kik messenger is a service that lets you connect with friends, groups and the world via chatting, it’s more or less like whatsapp.

A comparison between the two…

Why KiK Messenger is better?

  • You can add or accept contacts before they are able to message you
  • It has a much smaller app size
  • It has temporary images
  • Has a message seen notification feature.
  • Can be personalized.
  • You can send music files, and other files
  • It shows a preview of shared images in the form of a thumbnail
  • Can be exported to email
  • Has a browser in built
  • Can be easily used on android devices
  • Can capture photos
  • Can delete message history
  • Can be used on windows phones easily
  • Has in app purchase

Download Kik For Android


Why is Facetime better?

  • Has end to end encryption, I.e. Much better security of the intended communication.
  • Syncs to cloud and can therefore be accessed on different devices, and stays backed up.
  • It is optimized for tablet use. So it gives you better picture and experience still.
  • Has two way video chat, the main reason really! It allows you to look at the person live when you chat with them.
  • Automatically adds the existing contacts to the app from the phone book.
  • Supports a lot more languages.
  • Has the option to label your favorite contacts for easier access
  • Two points of view are supported, i.e you can show your face with the front camera and the rest of the club or whatever place you in with the back camera,


Download Facetime For MAC

In conclusion despite all the plus points that the kik messenger has to offer, in the end facetime is much better an app to use. The fact that you can see the person you talk with makes the entire conversation more intimate and brings you closer together. It’s a wonderful app with which to connect with friends and family that are far away, and it is a great app with which to conduct business meetings as well. Despite the slightly larger size of facetime it can still be easily considered the go to app for social networking. Though this wonderful app is not available for Android devices or for Windows computer but still we have lots of similar alternative apps for Facetime for PC or Android phones. In our next update we will discuss in brief about the top alternatives of Facetime for Windows.

Top 5 iMovie Alternatives- Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

iMovie is surely one of the best video editing software of all time, it has some unique features which no other such software features. It is easy to use along with intuitive user interface. iMovie provide its user a unique experience of editing movie on their own hassle free. You can easily customize your videos with iMovie with so many options. Now coming to the main point, this wonderful movie editing app is only available for iOS devices since it’s an Apple product. Today we are going to tell you about the other top alternatives of iMovie  which works perfectly as iMovie.


In this article we will discuss about the best alternatives of iMovie for Widows PC, for those who were looking for similar sort of software for their Windows PC, this article will certainly help your hunt. Again, we would like to clear you that iMovie doesn’t work on Windows PC so please do not ask silly questions like when will Apple release the Windows version of iMovie. Moving ahead let’s get down to the business and start discussing the top 5 alternatives of iMovie for PC.

Top 5 alternatives of iMovie for PC

  1. Movavi Video Editor– Movavi is just like iMovie when it comes to features and user friendliness, it’s simple to use and allows you to import all your media files on the timeline, sync your audio and share it anywhere you like.
  1. Movie Maker– Windows 10 Movie Maker is one more such fine software to edit your videos on a go, fully compatible along with spectacular editing options; this software certainly comes handy when editing short videos at home.
  1. Wondershare Filmora– Wondershare is certainly a better option than Movie Maker as it is compatible with both Windows and iOS devices, it is simple to use as it guides you step by step to edit your videos. It also has more video editing features than Windows Movie Maker.
  1. NCH VideoPad– VideoPad is a multi tasking video editor just like iMovie, it has he features which allows you to edit your videos like never before, the transitions effect along with audio editing tools with intuitive graphics this software is simply majestic when it comes to video editing. It can produce high quality video without a brisk and is considered one of the best alternatives of iMovie for PC.
  1. Lightworks Free– Lightworks comes with two versions i.e., free and pro, we would recommend the free version of Lightworks as the pro version is very expensive. This software does magic when it comes to editing videos, what makes this software a class apart is its compatibility with almost all the platforms including MAC, Windows and Linux.

That’s all folks we hope you would have enjoyed reading this post and also found it useful, for more updates keep coming back and also pen down your useful thoughts on this post in the comments below.

Free Download Snapseed For PC- Windows7-8-XP

Are you a photo geek? The one who loves clicking pictures and share it with his friends and community online, but for those who also like editing pictures before sharing it online, there is a fantastic app which can edit their pictures instantly with plenty of editing features. Yes we are talking about Snapseed that is very popular amongst the photographer community.

Clicking pictures is a sheer art that requires great amount of passion, we all love editing pictures and giving a personal touch to captured moments. For all such need, Snapseed is a wonderful option to customize your images with its numerous editing effects.


This app comes for free on smartphone devices as anyone can install it via the playstore, but for those who wants to install this app on their computer as well today we are going to give you a short tutorial on how to download Snapseed for Windows 7/8/Xp PC.

But before we move on to the download part lets first discuss in short some of the exciting features of Snapseed for PC which will turn your head around.

Features – Snapseed for PC

  • This app comes with auto correct feature by which you can automatically adjust the basic editing defect of your image.
  • This app comes with more than ten filters such as vintage, black & white, Grunge etc which helps you to give a perfect mood to your image.
  • This app also comes with 13 sets of adjustable filters which can be further reset so that you can adjust them as per your suitability.
  • You can also enlarge the background of your image and set the focus on any blurred object in the background.
  • You can equally adjust the viewing angles of your image by using the tilt feature of this app
  • Snapseed also offers different borders to be used precisely in your image to give it a final touch.


We hope this small briefing on the features of Snapseed for PC would have cleared your slightest of doubts about this app, now moving on to the main topic which is how to download Snapseed for PC/Windows 7-8/XP, here is the procedure.

Download Snapseed for Windows 7/8/Xp

  • The very first step to get this app on your PC is to download Bluestacks emulator on your PC just like you download any other software on your pc.
  • Next, you have to install Bluestacks on your computer.
  • Once installed properly, restart your computer to make the installation complete.
  • Once properly installed, you can launch the app in your PC by clicking on its short icon; you have to search for Snapseed in the search bar.
  • Once you get the desired result download it on your PC.
  • Thats it! You are all set to enjoy Snapseed on your computer.


We hope you would have found the article useful, go ahead and start editing your pictures. For more updates keep coming back as we have lot more interesting stuff for you.

Tango for PC/Windows 8/7/Xp – Free Download

Ever since the internet evolution took place, connecting with the world has become simpler. It’s not just the telephone or smartphones which have made the communication simpler but also there are many such mobile apps which have further given multiple communication options to people worldwide. Just like you use WhatsApp or WeChat to communicate with your friends, there is one such another brilliant app which has taken the internet users with a surprise, yes, we are talking about Tango. In this post we will give you a brief on all the aspects of Tango as an app and also tell you how to get Tango for PC.

Apps like Whatsapp, Skype, and Google Hangouts have emerged strongly worldwide making the communication between people much easier as never before. In the same manner Tango has also gained immense popularity amongst the smartphone users and what makes it stand apart is its availability for both Smartphones and Windows computer.


Features of Tango for PC

  • Tango comes with both voice and video chat facility free of cost.
  • Tango has its own community of user’s aka social network with whom you can connect and make friends as well just like you used to do in Yahoo chat.
  • Tango is much more than chatting and calling, it also offers you feature such as listen to music, playing games and sharing files with your friends.
  • You can also do a group chat with your friends having more than 50 members.
  • There are other such exciting features in Tango like you can share your snaps and animation with your friends while talking to them at the same time.

Install Tango on Computer- System Requirements

  • You must have a computer having Windows 7/8/XP/8 or Vista as the OS having at least 1 GHz of processor.
  • To enjoy a better video call facility you must have an internet connection with 1 MP/s downloading and 512 KB/s uploading speed.
  • A web camera with speakers and headphone is required for the chats.
  • Your computer or laptop needs a web camera, speakers or headphone for voice chat

Download and Install Tango on your PC/Laptop

  • To download Tango on your PC click on the link below

   Tango for PC

  • Once the download is complete, click on the icon to run setup, just like you install any other software on your PC
  • Follow the instructions carefully to properly install the Tango app on your PC.
  • Once it has been installed successfully, click on the Tango icon to launch the app.
  • Once installed properly, restart your PC to make the installation take place completely.
  • Now launch the app in your PC, login to your Tango account and start using it, in case you don’t have an account you can register for a new one.
  • That’s it, now you can start using this app on your PC just like you have used it on your smartphone.

For more updates keep checking back.