Apps Like Periscope for Live Streaming

Live streaming is becoming quite a trend these days. You may have seen some of your friends live streaming their videos while on a vacation or while having a party. Many news channels, celebrities, and famous people also sometimes live stream the videos. We usually see this on Facebook. But, there is a special app for it called Periscope which lets you broadcast your video live any time you want to over the internet. This app has been designed by Twitter. If you are wondering whether there are other apps like periscope, let’s take a look at this list.

Facebook Live

As mentioned above, a lot of people are using Facebook to live stream the videos. Whether you have a personal profile or a Facebook page, you can live stream the video at any time you want. You can also get instant response from people in the form of the likes and comments. This helps you determine how your video is going. Your friends and followers get a notification whenever you are live. This app is totally free of cost.


If you don’t want to use Periscope on windows pc, you can use another alternative called Streamup. It is a great way to live stream the videos that can also be made interactive. Streamup also offers you may options to enhance your live video. For instance, there are filters, overlays, and special effects that can be added to the videos. Streamup also has a revenue system which lets you earn from your live streams. Again, the app is totally free of cost.


If you don’t want your broadcast to be limited to your Facebook friends or a bunch of people, you would like to use Livestream. It is a live video streaming platform that offers you the opportunity to broadcast your video to millions worldwide. You could use your iOS device to broadcast to the people on a number of social media websites including Twitter, Facebook, and of course Livestream. It also has an integrated chat feature that lets you interact with the viewers. This incredible live streaming app is available for $42 per month.